Yes, my photographs are for sale. Of course, pricing depends on the size of the print and the medium, so to get an accurate quote please contact me to discuss your specific requirements.

However, for a rough idea here are approximate prices for a few typical sizes and print styles.

Print Size    Fine Art Paper   Aluminum   Face-Mount Acrylic

  8" x 10"               $50                  $150                 $200

 12" x 16"              $100                 $250                 $300

 16" x 20"             $175                  $350                 $450

24" x 30"            $300                  $500                 $600

For many images larger prints are available.

Keep in mind that the aluminum and face-mounted acrylic pieces are ready to hang with no additional framing required.

For additional information about the different media and their suitability, pleae click here.