Back from Vietnam and Cambodia

I got back about a week ago from a wonderful trip to Vietnam and Cambodia. I went with my wife and another couple and spent about two and a half weeks there.

It was a very varied trip that had us starting in Hanoi in the north, working our way southward and then moving over to Cambodia. Along the way we spent a night on a large junk in Halong Bay; two overnight train trips to and from Sapa in the northern highlands near the Chinese border; a few of days in Hue and Hoi An in the central part of the country; a couple of days in and around Ho Chi Minh City (Saigon) before spending several days traveling through the Mekong Delta; then on to Phnom Penh by boat and from there a short flight to Siem Reap, home of Angkor Wat and numerous other amazing temples.

There were tons of photographic opportunities all along the way. As usual, I tried to make the most of them by getting up early and staying out late. So I was rewarded with lots of night shots, many of which are of things my travel companions never saw. (Apparently, I missed out on some really great foot massages, but as photographers we have to make choices.)

Here are a couple of examples of the shots I took: