Back from Barcelona and Rome

Just got back from a great trip to Europe a few days ago. I spent a week each in Rome and Barcelona – two of my favorite cities. The main purpose of the trip was photography, but I managed to also do a lot of cycling (my primary mode of transportation) and my fair share of sampling the local food and wines.

I was travelling on my own, just because no-one else would put up with my crazy schedule of out before dawn and back late at night – and the whole time in between either on the bike or walking (or eating and drinking). At least in October the days aren’t as long, so it’s a bit less exhausting than trying to do the same thing in June.

I’ve started sorting through the photos and I’m thinking of doing a couple of collections – black and white from Rome, shot mainly at night and early morning, and color from Barcelona, highlighting the vibrant art and architecture.

Here’s a sample of what I’m thinking as the theme for each one.