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Nick Agelidis Photographic Art

“Whether I’m shooting color or black and white, sweeping panoramas or detailed close-ups, my goal is to capture images that allow the inherent beauty and uniqueness of the subject to come through. I am attracted by color and the interplay of light and shadow, but I often find that draining the color away can allow a more serene and contemplative appreciation of the subject.

I avoid over-saturating or heavily manipulating my images and the processing I do is aimed at taking what was captured by the camera and recreating my experience when I took the photograph. However, I do often experiment. My preference is travel photography, which favors a naturalistic style; but one of the wonderful things about the camera is the huge range for expression, technique and creativity that it affords. It’s what keeps me motivated and inspired.”

Women in JaisalmerPeople

People from around the world are often found in my images. They can provide the soul and context that binds an image together. Their presence, even if cloaked in complete anonymity, gives an image a timeless, noble quality.

Piazzale MichelangeloPlaces

I love traveling to new places and being able to capture and share with others the unique sights and experiences that are to be found there. But it’s more than just photographing the iconic sites – I attempt to find and express the characteristics that give places their individuality and spirit.

Walking the BridgeThings

Photographing objects – man-made or natural – in creative ways is one of my favorite challenges. An unexpected perspective, an interesting detail, or an unusual juxtaposition can transform an interesting object into a memorable image.


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I'll be displaying my photography at Booth #247 at the La Jolla Art and Wine Festival on October 8 - 9. It's held in the Village and it's free, so I hope to see you there.

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