Nick was born and grew up in Australia. He got the travel bug early when his parents took him on a six-month vacation around the world at the age of 10. He went to England in his twenties to complete a PhD in engineering, then to the US in his thirties to work in the automotive industry, which took him to the Netherlands and France in his forties, and back to the US in his fifties. He currently lives with his wife in La Jolla, California.

Nick has always been a keen photographer, and his extensive travels have given him plenty of opportunities to indulge his passion. A few years ago he left a hectic corporate career to focus on photography. Nick’s images of La Jolla have been published in a book titled La Jolla: A Photographic Journey by Sunbelt Publications and featured in the press and on TV. He has a broad body of work from the US, Europe, India, China and elsewhere, which he is constantly expanding.

Artist StatemenT

As a photographer, I strive to create images that capture the intrinsic beauty of the subject in an artistic, creative or unusual way. Beauty can be found at the large or small scale, in the interplay of colors, or can sometimes be better appreciated when the color is drained away. My preference is travel photography, thanks to its broad palette of subjects and styles. But one of the wonderful things about the camera is the huge range for expression, technique and innovation that it offers. I am also drawn to architectural and landscape photography.
A day without my camera feels like an opportunity missed. I am fortunate to live in a beautiful part of the world that affords wonderful photographic opportunities, and each day I try either to capture an interesting image or to learn something new – and often I succeed."


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