Here are some answers to questions you may have.

Do you sell your images?

Yes. All my images are available for purchase as prints of different sizes and on a range of media. Click here for pricing information.

Can you help me visualize how it will look?

Yes. for larger images I can provide a free service to help you see how the piece will look in your house. Click here to see an example.

How are your prints made?

Paper prints are printed on an 8-color digital printer using archival quality inks on fine art paper. I select matte or gloss fine art papers that best match the particular image, but occasionally also use metallic or pearl finish papers for some of my images.

Some images work well as face-mounted acrylic prints. The image is printed on Fuji Flex Archival material, then mounted to a sheet of clear acrylic using transparent adhesive and backed with another sheet of black acrylic to create a protective sandwich. The resulting image has an intensely vibrant, wet look that is unique to this process. A backing frame is mounted behind the image to provide additional strength and to cause it to “float” away from the mounting surface.

In addition, I have offered some of my pieces printed on an aluminum substrate using a flatbed printer. High quality inks are applied to a brushed aluminum plate that remains visible in the lighter areas of the image. The plate has a frame backing and when hung “floats” in front of the wall. With the right image - typically with reflections off water or metal - this medium provides a stunning, contemporary look.

There are many options, so please contact me if you need more information or want to discuss options.

Can you arrange framing?

The aluminum and face mount acrylic pieces do not require framing, and are delivered ready to hang. I can arrange for framing of the paper prints, but realistically, with so many styles of framing available, it's probably best for you to do it at your end. Plus it also makes shipping cheaper and easier.

Do you sell digital copies of your work?

I do sell digital rights to my images for use in publications or online. Again, please contact me to discuss.

How do you number your editions?

Each print of an image is individually numbered as xx/XXX; i.e. this is image number xx, and the total number of prints of this image will not exceed XXX. The total number includes prints of all sizes, except postcards and other promotional materials.

How are your prints shipped?

Unframed prints are rolled up and sealed in a sturdy cardboard tube and sent via US Postal Service.
All other mounted prints are packaged securely in custom fit foam-lined boxes and shipped via UPS or FedEx.
Customers whose shipping address is close to La Jolla will also be offered the option of local delivery for a nominal fee at checkout.

How long does it take to get the artwork?

Unframed prints will usually take just a couple of days plus shipping time. Framed prints will take about two to three weeks plus shipping. Face-mounted acrylics usually take a week longer than that.

What are your terms and conditions?

The T&Cs are available here.

And for any questions not discussed here please contact me.